Alessio Boschi

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Alessio Boschi

The two forces that move Alessio Boschi’s imaginative world are an unleashed desire of expression and a huge ambition to achieve great creative endeavours, each with its distinctive soul.

Alessio prefers curved lines to sharp corners and also loves the use of minute details, unusual stones that are often tailored cut to achieve an impression. The ludic element of surprise is essential in his creations, their design intricacy augmented by his Roman baroque heritage. Fascinated by colour, in multiple shades or contrasting tones, because it reminds him of the versatility of life, Alessio fervently infuses emotions in his creations with the help of their tridimensional volume, where the reflection of the light accentuates the curves and sparkling gemstones.

Alessio’s most eclectic creations incorporate the use of colour — the subtle hidden articulation, the multi-functionality which allows the jewel to be worn in different ways and for different occasions, and finally, the hidden details – leading one to an imaginary journey in a playful way. Alessio relentlessly creates works of jewellery art that are able to enable a whimsical journey full of discovery where nothing is ordinary.

Alessio Boschi has won numerous international awards around the world, the most prestigious being in the Guinness World Records for The Millennium Sapphire design, The World’s Largest Engraved Sapphire of 61.500 Carats, in 2003.