Edition One



Growing up working in his father’s jewelry company, Amedeo Scognamiglio acquired an early understanding of manufacturing techniques dating back to the 1800’s. With this deep reverence for tradition, he looked to the ancient art of cameo making, reimaging the process with unique materials and unexpected motifs.

His craftsmanship represents the juxtaposition between the Victorian origins and the modern edge that defines the brand.

“Cameos are my family heritage and my whole life has been about cameos. When I opened my first AMEDEO shop in NYC, in October 2006, I decided I would revolutionize the idea of cameos.  I opened with mega cocktail rings with monkeys, skulls, elephants, crowns . . . symbolic talismans . . . just to tai away from people the old idea of “cameos” (grandma’s cameos were my nemesis, my curse).”