Andersen Genève (AHCI)

Edition Two


Andersen Genève (AHCI)

Multi-parts dial with “Andersen Genève” & “Konstantin Chaykin” hand-engraved, with Andersen Genève’s ‘A’ logo symbolising the nose of the JOKER, and Konstantin Chaykin hands logo symbolising the eyebrows of the joker.

Hours are displayed by the left eye, minutes by the right eye and the moon phase displayed in the mouth

In the world of haute horology, Andersen Geneve and Konstantin Chaykin are known to be the most cheeky with their creations—and their collaboration on the Automaton Joker has definitely shown that. Combining two of their most iconic pieces,  Andersen Genève’s “Montre à Tact” Poker, inspired by “A Bold Bluff”, the famous painting by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge of “Dogs playing Poker”, as well as Konstantin Chaykin’s

Joker timepiece. For this collaboration, one of the dogs from the “Montre à Tact” Poker is now playing Poker with Konstantin Chaykin’s Joker & other special guests!

Andersen Genève, with more than 20 years of making and assembling Automatons, is very experienced and is especially famous for his Eros Automatons. With his expertise, the Automaton Joker in motion displays very harmonious movements. With the help of Konstantin Chaykin’s knowhow, a unique way of telling time appears on the front dial. To underline this collaboration, Konstantin Chaykin’s logo has been placed on top of the eyes while Andersen Genève’s logo can be seen on the nose of the Joker. By the push of a button on the case at 8 o’clock, the Joker’s eyes, the dog, the man and the lady are in motion. The elements are moving and the scene lasts for two minutes. Special attention to the smoothness of the movements has to be emphasized because it is one of the most complex tasks to master with automaton’s. Another very delicate achievement is to have different speeds of the moving parts. The eyes of the Joker are moving much slower than the hand holding the card or than the dog while the lady’s hand is moving much faster than the other moving elements while she is stealing chips.