Edition Two



Alexandre Beauregard sets himself apart in a world of haute horology which is already filled to the brim with unbridled creativity by combining jewellery art with grand mechanics. Reinterpreting the traditional idea of a jewellery watch, Beauregard brings watchmaking and jewellery together in an entirely new way. Distinctive, contemporary and unquestionably precious, Beauregard’s watches are immediately recognizable.

Alexandre started creating atypical timepieces with a friend in his dad’s garage when he was just 17. Guided by instinct, Alexandre elaborated on his ideas, developing them through sketches and trials, inventing and reinventing, learning and refining, to turn his passion into reality.

For Alexandre, the three pillars of great craftsmanship have always been about working smarter, harder, and longer. It’s how he goes from ‘‘this can’t be done’’ to “this can’t be equalled”. To achieve the seemingly impossible, Beauregard built his own tools and developed innovative cutting techniques to work with the unique characteristics of each stone.

It is one thing to produce complicated mechanics, it is another to have it perform flawlessly year after year. Beauregard’s Flying Tourbillon’s delicate open floral work of the bridges, the clear ruby and the finish of every component is a beautiful tribute to the careful attention and elaborate details that went into the creation of this piece of art.