Fiona Kruger

Edition Two


Fiona Kruger

Fiona Krüger’s iconic Skull collection of timepieces launched the brand in 2013 and set Fiona apart from the status quo of the watch industry. Her avant-garde attitude to horological design has allowed her to create pieces which truly stand out, whilst working with the most well-respected artisans and manufacturers in Switzerland today.

Through her two fine watch collections, Krüger’s clients are inspired to think about time itself: the human experience of time (life and death) represented in her Skull collection, and the human understanding of time (quantum physics) depicted in her Chaos collection – with her creations, Krüger brings us an artistic approach for inspired luxury. When conceptualising a new watch she thinks of a blank canvas, when she looks at a movement she sees pattern, when she works with guillochage she’s working with light and shade . . . her approach is the same as 
it was when she was making art, only now, as well as pencil and paint, she’s working with 
the best artisans in the world. With every piece she creates, Krüger strives to uphold the integrity of the people she works with, whilst making what they do look like something no-one’s ever seen before. It’s important to her that every design has a real “raison d’être”, and this, combined with a strong concept, becomes the backbone of her creations.

By carving out her own path, Krüger has given herself the creative freedom to make pieces which are defined only by her own creative process. Her design approach in watchmaking has been called “a new metier d’art” in itself, 
and combined with her love of craftsmanship, drive for innovation and her collaborative spirit, it marks the beginning of a bigger story of discovery and meaningful luxury.