Jorg Hysek

Edition Two


Jorg Hysek

Throughout the course of his career in the Swiss watchmaking industry, Jorg Hysek forged himself a reputation of being a broad-minded designer with a very creative and clear approach. After decades designing some of the most iconic watches including the Breguet Marine, the Vacheron Constantin 222, the TAG Heuer Kirium and the Seiko Kinetic Actura, Jorg Hysek decided to launch his own agency, Hysek Design, in the late 1990s, after four years of working at the Rolex design department. After selling it years later, Jorg Hysek marks his comeback to the watch industry with the release of a very special 50-piece limited edition clock called ‘La Colonne du Temps’ —the column of time.

At first conceived and developed by Hysek Design, and then manufactured by Sinclair Harding, this clockwork sculpture comes directly from Jorg Hysek’s prolific imagination.

While combining technical and mechanical virtuosity with conceptual precision, the piece offers a simple and aesthetically pleasing display of time. The Colonne du Temps concept focuses on six segments, five of which tell the time and one of which houses the movement. The time is displayed in two large segments divided from another two large segments by a thin segment featuring the running seconds display. The layout is as far from a standard clock as possible and yet it feels sort of inevitable, like the idea was just waiting for the right creative mind to put it into action.

All of the elements that compose Jorg Hysek’s work speak to an unprecedented mechanical complexity that is associated with the streamlined simplicity of the digital age.