Ludek Seryn (AHCI)

Edition Two


Ludek Seryn (AHCI)

Ludek Seryn was born on Wednesday, June 14, 1978 in Zabreh na Morave, a town in the Olomouc region of the Czech Republic. After graduating in the fields of watchmaker and goldsmith in 2002, he opened his watchmaking in Mohelnice.

On his first watch, he starts working both without professional family experience and without the support of other watchmakers. He use the jewelry experience to produce watch cases, which in 2009 presents at the exhibition “600 Years of the Astronomical Clock”.

In 2012, he comes with its own machine architecture in the Carabus watch and introduces the Imperator watch, the most expensive watch made in the Czech Republic.

Based on this experience, he starts to make custom-made watches and to build goldsmiths and watchmakers from the Czech Republic more than 40 of his own watches and works on many more.