M&B Private Jewelers

Edition One & Two


M&B Private Jewelers

With a wealth of over 30 years of experience in the diamond industry, M&B Private Jewelers specializes in large sized rare diamonds and handcrafted fine jewel- lery. M&B prides itself in breaking away from the traditional business model to eliminate intermediaries, providing the best value, choice and quality to its clients.

From its humble beginnings as an expert in rough trading, sourcing and manufacturing, the brand has become an authority for rare and highly sought-after pieces prevalent amongst auction houses, royalty and high net-worth individuals.

Their styles are classic, timeless and elegant to bring together the essence of romance with modern design expertise to enhance the natural beauty of diamond. Whether to celebrate a happy occasion or to commemorate a special milestone in life, M&B’s in-house designer attentive bespoke service and its extensive plethora of diamonds are poised to materialise the fine jewellery of any woman’s dreams.