Edition Two



Meticulously handcrafted, MAASTERSTROKES is a fine jewellery brand by JEWELS EMPORIUM – a legacy since 1841, from Jaipur, the Pink City of India. The creation of every piece of wearable work-of-art requires an understanding of materials and form, innovation in composition, a command over aesthetics, design application, workmanship and originality. All these ingredients together make something exceptional –  this, that defines MAASTERSTROKES. In the year 2001, after intensive research Jewels Emporium pioneered & began reviving the art of French enamelling in India. With more than 300 hues in its palette and expertise in Basse Taille, Pliqué-a-Jour and Champlevé enamelling techniques, the distinctive creations at MAASTERSTROKES are admired, possessed and adorned by art connoisseurs, worldwide.

With an atelier and a well-equipped craft studio at the same premises as the flagship store, the entire team works in complete harmony to create these bespoke jewels. Each work-of-art is crafted with the most advanced thinking tools: The Human Hands. Anup the visionary, custodian & the eldest of the eighth Bohra generation, along with the naturally talented Smriti – his better half, the creative minds & the gifted craftsmen continue living the dream to bring to the world of jewellery a standard of artistic excellence through MAASTERSTROKES that quite often exceed the value of material. Creativity does not know extinction; all it knows is transformation. To the very soul of the brand, every woman is unparalleled, one-half woman and one-half dream. In every woman, there is a woman extraordinary. Every MAASTERSTROKES jewel is handcrafted for such extraordinary women.

Each creation at MAASTERSTROKES is an artistic marvel and has the power to be this one little thing that can re-assure a woman that she is unique!