Moksh Jewellery

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Moksh Jewellery

An intense admiration for art and architecture combined with a love for forms and sensuality of volume, Moksh creates jewellery that transcends the constraints of seasonal trends. A pioneer in creating masterful tales of finesse, opulence and sophistication with the use of unseen jewels, Moksh tirelessly creates the very best in haute jewellery to today’s discerning woman.

Emboldened by a family legacy of 50 years in the business of gems and jewellery and years of experience in precious gems, Moksh was established in 2005 by gemologist and design enthusiast Milan Tanvir Chokshi with his distinct vision to introduce innovation in creating contemporary and unconventional jewels that are impeccably crafted and beautifully designed.

The jewels at Moksh are modelled to pay homage to the traditional Indian craft of weaving pearls, recreating techniques from an era gone by while using Indian and Mughal motifs accentuated with fine diamonds and precious gemstones.

A legacy was born with the magnificent Collection Taantvi. Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘weave’, the collection is crafted using a delicate and intricate technique of weaving small Japanese Keshi pearls to produce a mesh-like effect. The craft of Collection Taantvi, evident in Indian jewellery since the late Mughal period, is now redefined to suit the tastes of women today.