Edition One



A third-generation diamantaire, Apurva Kothari brings a unique blend of art and precision to his designs for SAVAAB, the jewellery label. The brand is celebrated for fine jewellery pieces that are truly one of a kind, both in terms of design & craftsmanship, and for an aesthetic that blends the conventional with the modern.

Apurva brings his instinct, eye for detail and industry experience to his work. He understands both the artistic and economic nature of jewellery design, and balances both in a rare manner. To create his jewels he prefers the classic palette which includes, diamonds, precious colourstones and pearls and he uses eighteen carat gold as the medium to combine these gemstones in a style very much his own. To maintain the integrity and rarity of SAVAAB’s creations, diamonds are also custom-cut without compromise and tailored to bring to life the design envisioned.

India’s jewellery heritage is very much reflected in its contemporary market, and what sets SAVAAB apart is that as a designer, Apurva is a traditionalist but not a conformist. Each SAVAAB piece marries the classic with the unexpected, elevating what is familiar with a touch of whimsy and wonder.