Sicis Jewels

Edition One


Sicis Jewels

Sicis Jewels reinvented mosaic art – giving value to its flexibility and transformability and becoming the most important creator of contemporary mosaic applied to fine jewellery.

Mosaic is a multi-shaped language interpreter of traditions, trends and styles. The never-ending search for new experiences along with the passion for the historical path of mosaic, brought the Maison to study the micromosaic technique and its application in the goldsmith art within history. Sicis Jewels’ creations spring a rebirth of micromosaic and embody a space-time binomial within which ancient techniques are retained from past to present, thanks to innovative languages of expression.

After 20 years of research in the most famous museums archives such as the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg (Russia) and the Musei Vaticani (Vatican City State), Sicis Jewels developed a department for the Micromosaic Jewels and Watches dedicated to the study and the application of this technique improved and developed.

To the shine of gold and fineness of precious stones including diamonds, sapphires, rubies, is added the crowning art of mosaic, fast evolving with elaborations refined in the research and development laboratories of the Maison. Sicis Jewels is the convergence of passionate artists, goldsmiths, art masters, mosaics, who invent, reinterpret, create and believe in the magic of mosaic art.