Edition One



For over a quarter of a century, Temptations our jewellery company humbly began with a unique style born out of an extraordinary history, a great passion for art and a deep love for diamonds and gemstones. Using only the rarest diamonds and precious gems, combined with flawless attention to detail, fine quality, impeccable craftsmanship and innovative creativity, each piece of jewellery at Temptations  is crafted into a precious collectible. These masterpieces are pieces of wearable art, and have been very well known for their enduring value and timeless appeal.

Today, Temptations  is globally well known for creating one-of-a-kind pieces which weave together a clients’ story, their dreams and their aspirations, to magically create tapestries of a fine legacy which can be passed from generation to generation. Every piece of this art also resonates timeless craftsmanship creating an array of fine colours and textures that have crystallised time and divinity into an all-encompassing beauty far beyond the human eye can perceive.

Creating these pieces is an art, that we have mastered, we are extremely happy to be sharing this wearable and most valuable art with the world.

At Temptations we have and will always adhere to creating exceptional pieces with fabulous stories to tell.

We hope that you will also be part of our remarkable journey.