Umrao Jewels

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Umrao Jewels

Dubbed ‘India’s new contemporary designer’ by Indian auction house Saffronart, Umrao
Jewels specialises in distinctive art deco pieces with geometrical elements that are softened
by decorative features inspired by Indian art. What makes its creations truly unique is the blending of various styles to make spellbinding, charismatic jewellery with an imaginative flair that harks back to the times of old, whilst facing the future.

Umrao Jewels was founded relatively recently by Anuj Shah, third generation of the Shah family that boasts a stellar reputation for bringing rare Burma rubies, sapphires and Colombian emeralds of the highest quality to buyers from all over the world. Even renowned designers and brands such as Bulgari, Cartier, Harry Winston, Jar of Paris referred to them as “the Shahs”. With a legacy as storied as his, Anuj makes it a point to carve out his own mark in the world of luxury with his designs.

Inspired by art, archi- tecture, music, spiritual- ity and poetry, Anuj’s goal is to create art with gems and jewels. He can’t help but find beauty in all that surrounds him, and he seeks to find the best ways of bringing his jewellery art to life. From opening a lapidary to cut the stones and handcraft the pieces, to importing specialist machines from Europe that enable his setters to set pave, his speciality, through microscopes, Anuj goes to the greatest lengths to ensure precision in his jewellery.