WTP The Furniture Company

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WTP The Furniture Company

Every home says a little bit about the person living in it. It reflects a personality and lifestyle of the resident. And what brings it alive is the furniture and embellishments that adorn it. At WTP, we pride ourselves with furniture that is distinctive and has presence. Each with its own unique personality which helps give ones home the character one chooses to have. Every piece we create is firmly crafted with this belief.

Quality, detail and craftsmanship is what one has come to expect from WTP- The Furniture Company, in its illustrious existence of over two decades in Singapore. The satisfaction of providing that finely constructed desk, chair, sofa or cabinet that will last many lifetimes is an undying enthusiasm at WTP- The Furniture Company.

WTP or Window To The Past, as it was known then, saw its birth by the banks of the Singapore river around the warehouses of what is now Robertson Quay. WTP was born as an antique store that soon grew to earn a reputation of authenticity and ingenuity. This equity, over the years, grew to meet the dynamic tastes of modern living and saw the introduction of a wide range of contemporary furniture that has now evolved into the super lifestyle store as it stands today in Singapore with both retail and furniture online services.